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Françoise Pech


Holding a university degree of advanced studies in musicology and a winner of the writing, analysis, and history of music classes at the Paris’ Schola Can­to­rum, Françoise Pech is a titular organist at the Saint Germain d’Orly Church and the choirmaster of the À Contretemps ensemble in Draveil she created and has been directing since 1982.

Attracted to original projects, she does not hesitate to accept the invitations from the Guadeloupe’s choir in Pointe-à-Pitre, the oratorio projects of the Chœur et Orchestre Français d’Oratorio (COFO) at Paris-Bercy or at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. She has been the vice-president of the Société Française des Chefs de Chœurs (SFCC) since 2010.

Successively director of the Draveil conservatory, Orly’s one, then Director of Cultural Affairs of the City of Orly, she created the choral singing festival Orly Chante, was the artistic director of the Concerts de Saint-Germain and expanded her artistic spectrum to theatre, cinema, visual arts and heritage.

In 2015, she joined as an art advisor La Locomotive des Arts, an association whose objectives aimed at the support and the production of artists perfectly combine with her desire to pass on the skills she has acquired throughout her career.

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