Roland Dyens in the skaï
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L’association Roland Dyens in the skaï

Roland Dyens in the skaï is a non-profit association (1901 Act) created in October 2018, aiming at preserving the musical collection of composer, interpreter and guitarist Roland Dyens, the documentary collection, and the development of his musical work:

Preservation: the digitalization and the preservation in the rules of art and security, of the manuscripts of compositions and arrangements by Roland Dyens, in order to preserve them from deterioration and to ensure their long-term preservation in good condition for future generations. A digital catalogue of the musical collection will be created;

Documentary collection: the research for and the collect of all kinds of documents (letters, other manuscripts, photos, videos, publications, press articles, etc.) related to the artist’s musical career, work, and life;

Promotion: the sale of products (disks, sheet music, publications, etc.), providing services (lectures, master classes, etc.), project management, the organization of all kinds of events including the creation of a Prix Roland Dyens, in keeping with the purpose of the association.


Sur l’internet

The Roland Dyens in the Skaï association is active online through different media:

♣ This website describes and promotes the actions of the association and those of the friends making known his work worldwide (concerts, lectures…).

♦ The official website presents the Maestro and his work as well as his discography.

♥ His Facebook page Roland Dyens in the skaï ensures the daily communication with the worldwide friends of the Maestro. Friend groups on Facebook: We love Roland Dyens ; Amis qui aiment Roland Dyens ; Roland Dyens – Les 100.

His YouTube channel, managed by guitarist Edgar Blanc, publishes the Maestro’s videos.

• The Wikipédia page – in French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Flemish, Polish, Finnish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean – ensures a universal presence of the Maestro in this open encyclopedia.

Les actions

Apart from the contributions to the above-mentioned online resources, the Roland Dyens in the Skaï association organizes several events and actions.

Every year in October, the association organizes a tribute concert to Roland Dyens aiming at presenting his less played works, by inviting professional guitarists as well as young talents. During these concerts, the audience can buy the Maestro’s sheet music and CDs.

It also offers lectures presented by Laura Dyens-Taar, the Maestro’s sister, entitled “A Life for Music”.

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